Get Shredded In 4 Weeks

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Get Shredded In 4 Weeks will be 4 weeks of challenges with a goal of becoming the very best version of yourself !


This program is designed  to hold you completely accountable and provide you with amazing results. Below you’ll find in-depth information on how this challenge will flow.

 *You have to check in on your portal every Sunday with pictures privately to trainers with designated poses. 
*Check in meals and workouts on social media platforms using hashtags #GSI4 #energyxperience
*You get what you put into it so OVER ACHIEVING is welcomed! (Extra cardio, Weights, Stair Master ect.)
*Nutrition is KEY! You’ll receive a Macronutrient Plan and a guide on how to calculate Calories. Recipes will be available.
*These meals will help to manage your protein, carb, and caloric intake in order to get the best results

After Registration  you’ll receive information on how to Check In for accountability as well as your Nutrition Plan and Meal Guide.
* This challenge is NOT all about losing weight. Shredding sustainable body fat and changing your features through hard work will cause the “bad weight” to fall off. If you’re committed, results are guaranteed.  

If you are wanting to lose weight, focus on high repetitions, heavy weights and most importantly cardio!
To tone/bulk, focus on heavy weight more repetitions. 
No matter what your goal is, this program is all about getting SHREDDED!