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How will this enhance my results?

Having issues with shredding belly fat?

The hard to reach areas wont be a problem anymore. With our adjustable core compression technology no longer will there be an issue of shredding your core, losing belly fat and tightening up love handles.

Entire Backside Coverage

From the problematic tank top fat to the reshaping of your figure. The Fitness Vest covers your entire back without any uncomfortable rolling or pinching.

Full Trap Coverage & V Tappering Shape

Will it hold up during my workouts?

From Cardio, High Intensity Training & Cross-fit this Fitness Vest is for you.

The advanced Latex and Nylon blend is sure to withstand that hard work that will be put in.

1st Ever Fitness Vest for Men

Level up your workouts by wearing the Fitness Vest that will guarantee Rapid Results.

This is not a weighted vest, this is a Fitness Vest. Wear EX Fitness Vest with pride knowing that you are wearing the best brand around.